Anna Moynihan Consulting can help you, your team and your organisation with:


Insights – that matter


Strategy – that helps you work out where you want to be 


Planning – that helps you get there 


Policy – that gets results 


Performance – that helps you know what difference you make 


Partnerships and engagement – that create value 


Facilitation and coachingthat spark good conversations 

Anna has co-founded with Rachel Healy Consulting, a practical and lively workshop series 'Mastering the Craft of Advising Government' which will continue its popular run in 2021. To date over 1000 public servants have participated.  Another initiative is Who's Who in the Government Zoo (and what do they do?) - a new course for the community services sector starting this year.


Anna Moynihan Consulting aims to meet your needs and requirements to deliver a professional, quality service - and all without any weasel words!